The sustainable products of Persil provide for first-class washing performance and at the same time protect the environment

We see it as our responsibility that each Persil product makes a contribution to sustainable development. That's why we concentrate on innovative and intelligent solutions that deliver decisive added value: They combine first-class performance with responsibility for mankind and the environment and at the same time make it possible for our customers to efficiently use valuable resources like energy and water.

So we use a mixture of different surfactants for an optimal wash performance. For more than half of these surfactants the lipophile part is based on renewable raw materials.  This is a result of Henkel's many years of experience with ingredients on the basis of renewable fats and oils, such as the palm kernel oil only useful for industrial use. But Persil products can do even more: Thanks to improved formulas, even at low temperatures they guarantee radiant purity – that protects the environment and reduces energy consumption.