Delicate Clothing

Clothing made of delicate fibers includes shirts, blouses, tops made of rayon, cupro, linen, wool or silk; lingerie, hosiery and swimwear made of polyamide, polyester and lycra.
Carefully sort the laundry according to light and dark colours, whites must be washed separately. Select the easy care or delicates washing program. Only load half the washing machine.
For wool or silk, select the wool, silk or hand wash program. Only load a third of the washing machine.

When hand washing:

Place the laundry so that it is floating in the laundry detergent solution and wash briskly. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing. Do not leave items lying on top of each other. Do not wring items, just squeeze gently.
Leave wool lying horizontally to dry where possible.

Laundry detergent options:

Washing temperature:

Up to 40° C
Note: Please also refer to the care instructions for your fabrics.