Washing Tips

Great Tips for washing sustainably and economically

From sorting your laundry, selecting the correct detergent to drying your clothes- you will find useful tips here.

Sorting and pretreating your laundry

Sorting your laundry

  • Colour Intensity:
    Red and black laundry items are particularly susceptible to discolouration and should therefore be washed together with items of similar colours.
    White colours should be seperated from coloured garments to prevent colour damage.
  • Fabric Type:
    Do not wash sensitive fabrics, e.g. Wool or Silk together with more robust fabrics, e.g. towels.
  • Stained Clothing:
    Do not wash slightly stained clothes with those that have clothes that are heavily stained.
  • Washing Temperature:
    Make sure to check the cares symbols found on your laundry label as this is the best indicator to which temperature to use. When in doubt, use cold water as it is less likely to harm your clothes.

Pretreating your laundry

Heavily stained clothes should be washed immediately. Fresh stains can be more easily removed than those that are already dried-in.

You can pretreat stains with Persil Power Gel. Just add some of the product to the stain and allow it to soak.

Loading the washing machine


You can save energy and money by simply loading the washing machine correctly. If the machine is too full, the laundry in the drum of the washing machine will not be able to twirl properly and won't get completely clean. Also, if you put too little laundry in washing machine then energy will be lost and wasted.

The rule-of-thumb for a normal wash cycle:
a raised, spread hand should still be able to fit into the drum above the laundry. For delicates or wool, no more than half of the wash drum should be filled.

Furthermore, you should refer to the washing appliance handbook which comes with the washing machine for more recommendations for the different washing programs.



Selecting the laundry detergent

Persil Powder/ Gel/ Duo Caps: is a universal detergent to be used on your white, coloured and dark clothes

Persil White:is a specialized detergent used to wash Thobe and regular white garments

Persil Sensitive: is a universal detergent to be used for skin prone to allergies as well as for baby and toddler skin

Persil Abaya Shampoo: is a specialized detergent to be used on Abaya garments as well as dark coloured clothes

Correct dosage

  • To help you figure out the laundry detergent dosage to be used on your laundry, please refer to the back labels of the Persil product line. Please note that for a washing machine greater than 4-5 Kg, the dosage has to be increased accordingly.
  • Measuring devices for the liquid detergent are available within the cap of the bottles with marked indicators. As for powder, you will need to find a suitable measuring cup to be used, one example can be to use a regular drinking cup to measure.

Selecting the washing program

Prewash: A prewash is only necessary for heavily stained laundry.

Main wash cycle: Select the wash cycle and the washing temperature depending on the type of fabric and the degree of stains You can find further information on the clothing care labels.

Spin cycle: The various washing programs automatically control the spin cycle. However for sensitive and delicate clothing, reduce the spin cycle (fewer rotations).

After washing tips

Remove the fabrics from the washing machine as soon as possible after washing and dry them. By doing this you prevent the damp laundry from developing an unpleasant smell. You also reduce creasing and save energy through shorter and easier ironing.

Drying in the open air
Preferably hang your laundry immediately after washing. This prevents mold stains and unnecessary creasing. Start smoothing out the washing when hanging it up as this makes ironing easier. Shirts and blouses can be dried on the coat hanger. Lie wool and silk horizontally to dry and do not dry in the sun.As for Abayas and red coloured garments, do not dry in  direct exposure to the sun.

Drying in the drier
A tumble drier doesn’t just save you the trouble of hanging your laundry. Towels, for example, also become nice and soft in the drier. But please don’t put any delicate items into the drier. The care symbols provide information on whether an item of clothing is suitable for the drier.