Dense Foam, Perfect Cleanliness

The new Persil Gel High Foam for top-loading washing machines with Deep Clean German Technology is designed to provide Dense Foam and Perfect Cleanliness! Persil Gel High Foam for top-loading washing machines is a complete replacement for any powder detergent.


Perfect Cleanliness and Stain Removal

Persil High Foam Gel provides perfect cleanliness through Deep Clean German technology, removing stubborn stains.


No Residues in Washing Machine or on Clothes

Unlike powder detergents, Persil High Foam Gel will not leave behind any residues that damages the clothes or machine.


Fresh and Long-lasting Fragrance

Persil High Foam Gel offers a fresh, pleasant fragrance or a brand new Oud fragrance, that lasts upto 2 weeks.


Two Times More Washes Than Powder

Persil High Foam Gel is equal to double the amount of powder, making it more efficient and economical than your regular powder detergents.

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