What are the advantages of liquid detergent?

Persil Gel is available in different variants so that it caters to your laundry needs. Persil Gel is designed specially to suit each machine type and dissolve immediately in water, leaving behind no residues. You can use it on its own or even to pre-treat stains.

Persil Gel is a complete replacement for any powder detergent, providing twice the yielding versus powders. With the latest Deep Clean German technology, Persil Gel ensures:


  • Perfect cleanliness and stain removal
  • No residues in your washing machine nor on your clothes
  • A refreshing and long-lasting fragrance
  • No damage to fabric, ensuring your clothes last longer


What are the different variants of Persil Gel?

Persil Gel comes in a range of variants to suit your laundry needs:


  • Persil High Performance - The Best Persil formula yet, with superior stain removal and long-lasting freshness.
  • Persil Hygiene - A special formula designed to remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses to ensure your clothes are hygienically clean.
  • Persil High Foam Gel - Persil High Foam Gel is the only liquid detergent for top-loading machines, offering dense foam and perfect cleanliness.
  • Persil Universal Gel - The core Persil Gel range designed with Deep Clean Technology, offering perfect cleanliness and stain removal, in 3 pleasant and fresh scents. 
  • Persil Sensitive Gel - Persil Sensitive Gel is dermatologically tested, making it safe for babies and sensitive skin. Our special formula is tough on stains while being gentle on skin.
  • Persil White Gel - Persil White Gel is created specially for white thobes, ensuring they come out extra-bright and white wash after wash.