Persil Universal: One Solution for Your Laundry

Persil Universal detergent caters to all your laundry needs (white, coloured, dark etc.) - all that remains is perfect cleanliness and long-lasting freshness. With Persil Universal detergents' Deep Clean German Technology, even stubborn stains disappear without pre-treatment or soaking. From the classic to the innovative, Persil Universal offers the right product for every household and laundry need.


Benefits of Persil Universal Detergents

Persil Universal detergents ensure the following for you and your family's clothing:


  • Powerful stain removal even for stubborn stains without any pretreatment.
  • Maintain the radiance of your laundry, by not fading the colours after frequent washing.
  • A long-lasting pleasant scent.
  • Gentle on the fibers of the textiles and maintains the quality for many washes.