Interesting facts


In liquid products, preservatives ensure that the formulations remain stable. Without preservatives, products can start to smell unpleasant or bacteria can grow. Preservatives that are added to detergents and cleaning products are stated on the packaging, regardless of their concentration, in accordance with the EU Detergents Regulation. People with a known allergy should thus be able to avoid products containing the substance when making their purchase decision.

How do we use preservatives?


We use preservatives in Persil Gel, very carefully and only as much as necessary.
In this way we try to avoid preservatives as much as possible, if the preservation can be achieved by other recipe components. During application Persil Gel is generally diluted with plenty of water.

Find the perfect match for your needs

Sensitive skin

Persil Sensitive Gel is developed for people with sensitive skin. Positioned as particularly skin-compatible detergents, the formulas contain specially developed allergy-compatible fragrances and contain no dyes.

Hygienic cleanliness

Clean laundry contributes to a healthy environment for you and your family. Our Persil products with their deep-clean technology will keep your laundry hygienically clean.