Each and every one of us counts and can contribute to making the world a little better. You too. Persil is constantly working to positively influence its footprint, and your support can also help! It only takes small changes in everyday life to make a contribution to a cleaner world.

Making our world cleaner

Our certificates

Henkel is a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly detergents and was the first company to sign the "A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Washing and Cleaning" in 2005. Companies that join this initiative of the International Laundry & Home Care Association undertake to continuously improve their processes and to report annually on the economic, environmental and social progress achieved on the basis of defined key figures.


Henkel responsibility

As a pioneer in the field of sustainability, we want to drive forward new solutions for sustainable development and develop our business responsibly and economically successfully. This includes all the activities of our company - along the entire value chain.