Different uses for a DIY magazine holder


This practical DIY magazine file holder can be used in a variety of ways both at home and in the office. At the office, you can use it as an in/out box or as a filing system. While at home, you'll discover its functionality as a cozy addition to your reading corner or bathroom. And since everything is better in pairs, why not make two matching holders and use them as bookends! 


Whatever you decide to do, this upcycling craft makes a great conversational piece. It is simple to do and reduces waste. So have fun!


Here’s what you need:


  • 1-2 empty bottles of your favourite Persil Gel detergent
  • Plastic compatible paint: In colors of choice
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Painters tape: any kind of basic tape works too
  • Optional extras: Stencils, stickers or other decorative ornaments


Before starting with your crafting make sure the bottles you will be using are empty and clean from any detergent residue. Tip: remove the spout from your Persil bottle, close it only with the cap and place the pack upside down to let the remaining drops of products to empty the bottle before cleaning it and using it for upcycling.


1. Carefully remove the front and back label of your empty Persil bottle. Tip: you can use warm water to help you removing the left over of glue and label and make your working base smooth.


2. Paint the cleaned bottle with a base color of choice. With a pencil, draw the cut line on the bottle. Plan to cut off the top of the bottle, and the handle down to the bottom. You can easily follow the pre-formed lines of the bottle when drawing the shape.


3. Use a utility knife to cut away the tough parts of the bottle like the top and handle. If necessary reach for scissors to soften the edges and create smooth curves. Make sure your lines are as smooth as possible, to avoid cutting yourself when you will be using your magazine holder.


4. Apply strands of tape over another on the side parts of the bottle to create a graphic pattern. Triangles, for example, are a simple design to create.

Tip: No tape on hand? Draw your own creative pattern or use stickers or stencils to decorate the bottle surface.


5. Use different colored paint to fill in the spaces between the tape.

Flasche bemalen

6. Make sure the paint is completely dry before removing the tape. Pull the tape off slowly.


7. You’re done! You can now fill your new holder with your favorite reads or notebooks and proudly display it for visitors to see.

Wiederverwendete Flasche

Who knew that a laundry detergent bottle could be turned into something so practical! This upcycling project not only produces a useful new file holder, but it also reduces waste. Bravo for doing your part to help protecting the environment!

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