How to choose the right detergent and washing machine


All in one products for white washing: 


  • Persil Universal Megaperls®
  • Persil Universal Powder
  • Persil Universal Tabs
  • Persil Universal Gel
  • Persil Universal Megaperls®
  • Persil Universal Duo-Caps
  • Persil Universal Power-Mix Caps

So that your colored laundry stays bright for longer, we recommend that you use:


  • Persil Color Megaperls®
  • Persil Color Gel
  • Persil Color Gel Lavender Fresh
  • Persil Color Duo-Caps
  • Persil Color Power-Mix Caps


Skin-friendly products for people with sensitive skin:


  • Persil Sensitive Megaperls®
  • Persil Sensitive Gel


A low dosage and minimum packaging are guaranteed by concentrated detergents like:


  • Persil Megaperls®
  • Persil Duo-Caps
  • Persil Power-Mix Caps
  • Persil Lavender Fresh Products
  • Persil Universal Megaperls®
  • Persil Color Gel


For wool and silk we recommend:


  • Perwoll for wool and delicate fabrics2020

Choose washing machine

Often, several detergents are used, but only one washing machine. This should also be well chosen. When buying, make sure that it offers a suitable washing program for all materials you wear. If you don't just own a silk blouse, but maybe half a dozen, you shouldn't always have to wash it by hand. Life simply has too many other colorful things to do.