How to treat delicate textiles


Delicate garments include: rayon, cuprammonium rayon, linen, wool or silk tops, shirts and blouses; lingerie, pantyhose and swimwear made of polyamide, polyester and Lycra.


Sort the laundry carefully into light or dark colors. White laundry must be washed separately! Select an easy-care or delicates washing cycle. Only half-fill the washing machine.


In the case of wool or silk, select the silk or hand wash cycle. Load the washing machine to just a third of its capacity.


When hand washing:

Soak the washing in the detergent solution and rinse thoroughly. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing. Do not leave damp garments in a pile. Do not wring out the garments, just squeeze lightly.


If possible, leave wool garments to dry flat.


Detergent options:


  • Persil Universal Gel
  • Persil Universal Duo-Caps
  • Persil Sensitive Gel
  • Persil Color Gel
  • Persil Color Gel Lavender Fresh
  • Persil Color Duo-Caps


Detergent options for wool and silk:


  • Perwoll for colored and delicate garments


Wash temperature:
Up to 40° C


Please note: Pay attention to the care instructions on your textiles.