How to treat performance fabrics, sports and outdoor clothes


This includes jackets, anoraks, sports clothes and coats made of breathable membranes or microfibers.

Select the easy-care or delicates washing cycle. To dry, hang on coat hangers and pull into shape. In the case of textiles that can be dried in the clothes dryer, select a low temperature and do not fill the dryer. The warm air circulating in the dryer will make the fabric watertight once more.


Detergent options:


  • Persil Universal Gel
  • Persil Universal Duo-Caps
  • Persil Color Gel
  • Persil Color Gel Lavender Fresh
  • Persil Color Duo-Caps
  • Perwoll Sport


Wash temperature:
Up to 40° C


Please note: Pay attention to the care instructions on your textiles.