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Testing for the best: detergent research at Persil

Testing for the best: detergent research at Persil

Persil is a detergent that makes special demands on itself. And has been for over 100 years now. Purity, performance and the protection of the textiles are the focus of our research and development to always achieve the best result for you.

The variety of materials and textile compositions has never been greater than today. This makes it all the more important to do justice to these materials with the right detergent - so that you can enjoy your favourite pieces for a long time. Your textiles should be spotlessly clean, the colours should remain bright and the fabric should be as beautiful as on the first day.

To achieve this, a large number of extensive tests are carried out. This is the only way to ensure that we can offer you reliable quality.

A brief overview of the various tests:

With a special stain removal machine, frequently occurring stains such as cocoa, make-up, lipstick, red wine or machine oil are applied to laundry items. The even, almost identical stains provide ideal conditions for comparative washing tests, which are carried out with 400 washing machines of different brands or different countries of origin.

Thus, more than one million stains are washed and subsequently evaluated every year. Whether the textiles are affected by greying or whether the colours are retained, we can check in our sampling room under special, constant lighting conditions.

The textiles are then tested in the climate chamber with constant humidity for tear resistance, roughening of the surface and fibre nodules.