Persil 4in1 Discs

  • Persil 4in1 Discs Freshness

    Persil 4in1 Discs Freshness

  • Persil 4in1 Discs Universal

    Persil 4in1 Discs Universal

4in1 Discs: Convenience and Cleanliness

Do you like to be quick and simple when washing your laundry? Then Persil 4in1 Discs are your solution: You can simply put the disc in the washing drum, add the laundry and start the washing process. The concentrated formula and the simple application saves time and effort, ensuring the laundry is radiantly clean with Persil's washing power.

What makes Persil discs special?

Persil discs are extremely practical. The liquid detergent contained in the capsules is already perfectly pre-dosed, offering 4 combined benefits. In this way you can achieve your usual effective stain removal while saving time.