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Abaya Care

With Persil Abaya Shampoo, you don’t have to compromise on the color and fabric of your abaya unlike with other products. This is why Persil is the #1 choice for abaya care! Want to know the right way to wash and care for your abaya? Check out the below tips from Persil Abaya Shampoo!

What detergent should I use for my abaya?

Make sure to wash your abayas using  specialized Persil Abaya Shampoo to keep them soft and radiant black. Using any other detergents and products, especially powder detergents, will harm the fabric and fade the black color of your abaya.

What is the right dosage for my abaya?

Persil Abaya Shampoo contains specific dosing instructions. The optimal quantity of detergent is determined by the quantity of laundry, the machine type and the level of stains on the abaya. 

What do the degrees of soiling mean in the dosage table?

Slightly soiled:

No soiling or stains* are visible. Some pieces of clothing have absorbed body odour. Examples: Light summer and sports clothing (worn a few hours), t-shirts, shirts, blouses (worn up to 1 day), guest bed linen and hand towels (used 1 day).

Normally soiled:

Soiling visible and/or a few light stains* are visible. Examples: t-shirts, shirts, blouses (sweaty or worn numerous times), underwear (worn 1 day), hand towels, bed linens (used up to 1 week), curtains without nicotine soiling (up to ½ year use).

Badly soiled:

Soiling and/or stains* are clearly visible. Examples: dish and kitchen hand towels, cloth serviettes, baby bibs, children's and football clothing (soiled with grass and dirt), tennis clothing (soiled with Kieselrot dioxin), work clothing (such as mechanic's overalls, baker and butcher clothing that can be washed in the household)

Very badly soiled:

Numerous and intensive soiling and/or stains* clearly visible and possibly older, clothing pieces with strong unpleasant odours.

Examples: soiling mentioned above on table linens, cloth serviettes, dish and kitchen hand towels, cleaning rags, mops, baby bibs, children's, sports and football clothing (strongly soiled with mud, soil and grass), work clothing.

* Typical stains

Bleachable: tea, coffee, fruit, vegetable

Containing protein/carbohydrate: blood, egg, milk, starch

Containing fat/oil: skin oils, cooking oil/fats, sauces, mineral oil, waxes

Pigment: soot, earth, sand

Does it make sense to wash heavily and lightly soiled laundry together?

It would be better if you did not wash badly soiled and slightly soiled laundry together. Badly soiled laundry generally needs a higher dosage and sometimes a higher wash temperature, while slightly soiled laundry can be washed at 30° C with a smaller dosage.

Do I need to use fabric softener for my abaya?

Additional fabric softeners are not required as unlike any other Abaya shampoo, Persil Abaya Shampoo comes with a touch of softener. This keeps your Abaya soft and silky while giving them perfect cleanliness and long-lasting fragrance.

Is a pre-wash necessary?

As a rule, no. Exceptions: extremely badly soiled textiles, e.g. from the areas of work clothing, outdoor sports, garden and agriculture.

Click here for our Persil stain helper!

The Persil Stain Remover guide offers you washing instructions for many stains on a wide variety of fabrics and materials to help you remove stains!

Can I use Persil Abaya Shampoo with my machine?

Persil Abaya Shampoo can be used for both top and front-loading machines

Should I wash my abaya in the machine?

While you can wash your abaya in the washing machine, it can be harmful to the fabric and embroidery of your Abaya, especially if it is a special occasion abaya. For best abaya care, we recommend that you hand wash your abaya using only Persil Abaya Shampoo.

How should I wash my abaya in the machine?

If you wash your Abaya in the washing machine, then make sure to select “Delicate” mode from your washing machine options to prevent damaging the fabric of your abaya. Ensure that you use only Persil Abaya Shampoo as this is a specialized product designed to protect your abaya.

Should I dry my abaya outdoors?

We recommend that you dry your abaya indoors and in the shade to maintain its radiant black color.