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4in1 Power: The New Persil Discs

The first 4-chamber-cap on the market, that combines four powerful product advantages

The FIRST on the market with 4 Powerful Chambers, providing 4 United Benefits.


Discover the first detergent that combines the power of four product advantages in one unique cap - the 4-chamber DISC. It ensures radiant purity, luminosity, long-lasting freshness and is gentle on your fibres.

Strong Stain removal
Long-Lasting Freshness
Extra Brightness
Protection to the Fabrics

Strong Stain Removal

Unique enzyme blend to work on stubborn stains

Long-Lasting Freshness

Optimized fragrance compositions with long-lasting effect

Extra Brightness

Performance Polymers for improving overall brightness up to 50%* 

Protection to the Fabrics

Well-balanced surfactant blend to ensure top performance and excellent fiber care

  • Persil 4in1 Discs Universal

    Persil 4in1 Discs Universal

  • Persil 4in1 Discs Universal

    Persil 4in1 Discs Lavender

Persil 4in1 Discs Sustainiblity Efforts

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