Hygienically clean laundry

Hygiene is much more than just radiant cleanliness: doing something good for the family starts with proper hygiene. Trust the Persil Deep Clean Technology for hygienically clean laundry.

Our promise to you

Clean laundry is important for the well-being of your family and loved ones. Thanks to the Deep Clean Technology, all Persil products guarantee you stain-free results. For the removal of aged or stubborn stains, powdered universal detergents are particularly suitable because of the bleach they contain. This also applies to the washing of white textiles. Color variants have been developed specifically for washing coloured textiles and garments and therefore, for example, contain neither bleach nor optical brighteners, so that the colours are particularly gentle. Persil Sensitive Gel is also suitable for coloured laundry, for example.

When extra hygiene is needed

For hygienically clean laundry, we recommend using Persil Universal Powder or Persil Universal Megaperls. To prevent and improve cleanliness in the washing machine, it is also helpful to wash at regular intervals, in a normal household about once a week, at higher temperatures (e.g. 60 degrees) with a Persil powdered universal detergent.


Washing at higher temperatures

If people with a contagious disease such as flu, athlete's foot, skin or intestinal infections or a weakened immune system live in the household, our recommendation also applies. Check the instructions on the garment care label before each washing cycle. It is also important to know that bleach-based detergents are not suitable for colourful and dark materials.

Prefer longer wash programmes

Good things take time: For demanding laundry, you should also avoid short programmes or fast-cycling and choose the washing programme with the longest running time.

After washing, always try to hang your laundry immediately on the clothesline or clothes drying rack to prevent germs from forming in the drum due to the high humidity caused by damp laundry.

If weather conditions permit, leave the laundry to dry in the open air if possible and do not use a tumble dryer.

Find the perfect match for your needs

  • Sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin

    Persil Sensitive Gel is developed for people with sensitive skin. Positioned as particularly skin-compatible detergents, the formulas contain specially developed allergy-compatible fragrances and contain no dyes.

  • Our certificates

    Our certificates

    Henkel is a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly detergents and was the first company to sign the "A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Washing and Cleaning" in 2005. Companies that join this initiative of the International Laundry & Home Care Association undertake to continuously improve their processes and to report annually on the economic, environmental and social progress achieved on the basis of defined key figures.