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After washing

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How to treat your laundry after washing

Remove the garments from the washing machine as soon as possible after washing and dry them. This will prevent the damp washing from developing unpleasant odors. It will also avoid unnecessary wrinkling and make it easier to iron, thus saving electricity.

Drying outdoors
Hand the laundry out as soon as possible after washing. This will prevent mildew and unnecessary wrinkling. If you smooth the laundry and pull it into shape when hanging it out, this will make ironing easier. Shirts and blouses can be hung out to dry on a coat hanger. If possible, dry wool and silk garments flat and not in the sun.

Drying in the clothes dryer
With a clothes dryer you don’t just save yourself time by not hanging the clothes out. Towels dried in the dryer, for example, come out nice and soft. However, please do not put delicate garments in the dryer. The care symbols will tell you if a garment can be dried in the dryer.