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Caring for your Abaya

abaya care

Persil has been helping women care for their abayas for over 12 years, with ongoing research and development offering products enhanced with German Technology. Our experience ensures our products are one step ahead of changing trends and made our specialist shampoos the number one choice for consumers in the region. Want to know how to keep your abayas soft to touch and protect the radiant black colour and still look as good as new, wash after wash? Drawing on our team’s expertise, we have insider tips and our best pieces of advice below…

Extra care

Hand washing an abaya is recommended, but save this for the ones with delicate embroidery or embellishments. Don’t soak for more than 10 minutes and only scrub where necessary. For that extra touch of softness, use Persil’s 2in1 Abaya Shampoo that offers black color protection and fabric softness.

Choose the correct detergent

Powder detergent, fabric softener, shampoo and hand soap - do not use these to clean your Abayas! They can damage the fabric, fade the radiant black color and can leave marks.

Get the best from your washing machine

If you’re machine washing your abaya, turn inside out before placing inside a mesh laundry bag. If your washing machine has a cleaning cycle for abayas, choose this, if not the delicate option and cold wash setting, as this will help prevent shrinking, damage to the fabric and colour from fading. Persil’s 2in1 Abaya Shampoo has been developed to effectively clean and care and protect even at low temperatures, leaving your Abaya soft, radiant - and with a long-lasting Rose or French Perfume scent.

Keep away from the heat

An abaya should air dry and skip the tumble dryer, as the high heat can set wrinkles in the fabric, which can be nearly impossible to remove. Gently wring out before choosing a hanger. Avoid the skinny metal ones - they will misshape the shoulders - go for non-slip velvet hangers, they are the best for all the clothes in your wardrobe. Dry away from direct sunlight to keep the colour jet-black.

Ditch your iron

Invest in a handheld garment steamer and use a low setting to smooth out the creases. They remove wrinkles gently and are easy to use, especially around embroidery or embellishments. If you’re ironing, turn your abaya inside out and use a low setting.

When to get help!

Don’t forget to check the label, abayas that are made of delicate or luxury fabrics or with metal details, should be dry-cleaned. Leave it to the professionals!