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How to use liquid detergents?

How to use liquid detergent

Before washing your clothes using liquid detergents, it is important to estimate the amount of laundry and sort them according to colour intensity, fabric type, and how heavy the stains are.

First things first

Once you’ve separated whites from coloured garments, and sensitive fabrics like wool or silk; it’s time to check on stains.

It’s best to wash differently soiled laundry separately, as depending on the stain, some may need a higher dose of detergent and sometimes a higher temperature cycle. If stubborn stains don’t disappear after the first wash, we recommend pre-treating the area before the next wash cycle. Just dissolve Persil Power Gel in of water and allow the garment to soak overnight.

Choose right for your machine

Don’t forget to choose the correct Persil Power Gel for your washing machine, we have designed one specifically for Top Loading Machines and one for automatic Machines.

Persil Power Gel High Foam is ideal for top loading automatic and semi automatic washing machines. It has a dense foam and gives perfect cleanliness and is available in a classic and oud scent. Persil Power Gel for Automatic Front or Top Load machines is available in classic, lavender and a white flower scent.

Next, load your washing machine correctly. When the machine is too full, it doesn’t wash laundry properly because they cannot spin at speed inside the drum. If the load is too small, you’re wasting energy and money. Our top tip: The rule-of-thumb for a normal wash cycle is make sure your hand can still fit into the drum above the laundry. If you’re washing delicates or wool, make sure the drum is only half full.

Use what you need

Use the bottle cap on your Persil Power Gel detergent to measure how much liquid you need. One full cap of Persil Power Gel is 75ml and you’ll find the marked indicators printed on the side. The quantity of detergent will depend on how soiled your laundry is. If you’re washing laundry with ‘normal’ stains; 100ml of detergent will suffice, while heavy stains will require 150ml.

If you’re using a large washing machine, increase the amount of detergent according. Each bottle of Persil Power Gel includes the recommended amount of detergent to use, so always check the label before use.

Works both ways

Persil Power Gel is a universal detergent that can be used on your white, coloured and dark clothes and it can be added directly to the stain as a pre-treatment and into the washing machine detergent drawer or poured directly in the drum.

It will also save you money as Persil Power Gel gives twice as many washes as the same quantity of powder detergent. For example, 3 litres of Persil Power Gel gives 30 washes, whereas 3kg of powder detergent gives only 15 washes.

Select your wash cycle AND temperature

Selecting the wash cycle depends on the type of fabric and how heavy the stain is. Check the items care label properly to ensure you chose the right cycle. A prewash is only necessary for heavily stained laundry, and spin cycles are automatically set with the washing programme you select. However, we suggest reducing the spin cycle for sensitive and delicate clothing.

Clothing care labels also indicate the recommended washing temperature. When in doubt, use a cooler wash.

Store correctly

Liquid detergents are best kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (and of course children and pets!) When stored correctly, Persil Power Gel can be used for up to three years from the date of production.

Persil Power Gel ensures perfect cleanliness, stain removal, refreshing and long-lasting fragrance, leaves no residues in your washing machine or on your clothes, and value for money. The ideal suction for all our laundry needs.