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Keeping Kanduras Brilliantly White


Taking the right approach to cleaning kanduras and thobes will help keep their brightness and stop them from fading and looking dull.

Our Persil Power Gel team has the best advice for washing whites and keeping them bright and fresh, wash after wash…

1.   Most kanduras are machine washable but know when to hand wash. Cuffs, collars and hems can benefit from an extra 10-minute soak in Persil Power Gel to remove stains before going into the washing machine at a cool temperature.

2.   Ideally hang up your kanduras to dry and skip the dryer. The material is being put under extra stress for the sake of drying quicker and when they dry naturally, it will help keep the material looking newer for longer.

3.   To help remove stubborn dirt, add Persil Power Gel  or Persil White Thobes directly to the area and gently rub to help break up the stain. For an extra treatment, soak the stain in Persil for up to 10 minutes before washing as normal. Persil can tackle the toughest of everyday stains like chocolate, mango, tomato and grease.

4.   Keep your white kanduras separate from the rest of your coloured washing, whether you’re handwashing or machine washing them. Light colours mixing with darker colours can lead to colours bleeding in the water and this will dull the brightness of the whites.

5.   Iron Kanduras inside out and when they are still slightly damp and keep the iron set at a cooler temperature. This will help soften the creases and make ironing easier.