How liquid detergent is more economical than powder detergent

liquid vs powder

One of the key factors to consider when choosing laundry detergent is how economical it is, second to its effectiveness. Here’s why liquid detergent can save you more time, money, and effort…


Washes 2 X more than powder

Liquid detergents are usually concentrated and would only require less amount compared to powder. A 100 ml Persil Power Gel is equivalent to 200 grams of detergent powder. When using the recommended dosage, you can have 30 washes in a 3L bottle of liquid detergent, while a 3kg powder will only allow you to have 15 washes.

Liquid detergent mixes with water better too! It dissolves faster than any other format and water temperature is not an issue whether you choose hot, warm or cold wash. Some powder detergents do not dissolve in cold water, which requires extra spin cycle to remove the chunks of undissolved detergent.  In addition, undissolved detergent left in some parts of your washing machine can lead to malfunctions, particularly affecting the drainage system. Over time, the clumps can build up and cause a blockage.

No more additives

Persil Power Gel contains preservation agents, optical brighteners, enzymes and perfumes. It already gives your fabric long lasting freshness and softness, so there’s no need to buy additives such as fabric conditioners, disinfectants, special stain removers, and whiteners.

Safe on skin and suitable for all types of laundry


Unlike powder detergents, liquids often do not contain bleach which adds to fast colour fading and may even be harmful to the skin. Persil also manufactures a special variant recommended for babies and those with sensitive skin.  Suitable for both whites and coloured laundry, Persil Power Gel also uses a different powerful stain removal agent, making it more effective for removing greasy stains.

Leaves no residues

A detergent powder may leave residues on clothes and may require additional rinse cycles. Having liquid detergent such as Persil Power Gel will keep your clothes residue-free, keep your clothes brighter, reduces chances of allergies, and help you save on your electricity bill as well.


From the moment you take a bottle with an easy grip from a grocery shelf up to the actual usage, liquid detergents give you more convenience. Compared to big and heavy boxes that are difficult to carry, liquid bottles are easier to handle. When you reach home, you will leave no mess when using it as there is no need to clean up any powder droppings or chunks from the detergent drawer.


Liquid detergents are more economical because it provides twice the value of detergent powder - it can wash more clothes twice as much a powder can. In addition, you won’t need to run the machine again only to dissolve the detergent and completely remove residues. An extra spin means extra wear and tear on your washer and on your clothes. You can comfortably cold wash your clothes, which will be easier and faster to iron, keep the colour from fading, and keep the clothing life longer.

Persil Power Gel is a universal detergent that can be used on your white, coloured and dark clothes with two times more washes compared to a powder format. It does not only ensure perfect cleanliness and stain removal, no residues in your washing machine nor on your clothes, and a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance, it also guarantees cost savings.