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Sorting and pretreating laundry

Sorting and pretreating laundry

How to sort and pretreat your laundry correctly

Type of textile: Do not wash delicate textiles, e.g. wool or silk, and more resistant textiles, e.g. Towels, together.

Washing temperature: It is advisable to pay attention to the care symbols on the garment labels. These will tell you at what temperature you can wash the textiles.

Degree of soiling: Do not wash lightly soiled laundry or clothes that have only been worn briefly together with heavily soiled textiles.

Color intensity (colored laundry only): Red and black garments in particular can fade and should therefore be washed together with similar colors if possible. Pay attention to the advice on the garment labels.

Pretreating laundry:

Heavily soiled textiles should be washed immediately. Recent stains are much easier to remove than dried-in dirt. Stains can be pre-treated with Persil Universal Gel or Persil Color Gel. Simply apply a little gel to the stain and leave it to work for 10 minutes max.