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Which detergent for my washing machine?

best detergent for my machine

Don’t forget to choose the correct Persil Power Gel for your washing machine, we have designed one specifically for Top Loading Machines and one for Front Loading Machines PLUS the new Persil High Performance Gel which is suitable for both types of machines. Choosing the correct detergent for your machine will give the best results for your laundry and will protect your washing machine.

Persil Power Gel has been developed using the latest German technology and is a complete replacement for your regular powder detergent, offering superior cleaning and giving twice as many washes as the same quantity of powder detergent.

Persil Power Gel High Foam 

Persil Power Gel High Foam is ideal for top loading automatic and semi-automatic washing machines. It has a dense foam and gives perfect cleanliness and is available in a classic and oud scent.

Persil Power Gel for Automatic Front or Top Load Machines

Persil Power Gel for Automatic Front or Top Load machines is available in classic, lavender and a white flower scent.

Persil High Performance Gel

Persil’s latest range of detergents, High Performance, has a formula designed to be the best Persil ever offering the best cleanliness. Available in two options, Universal, offers an extra long-lasting freshness and Hygiene removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses for hygienically clean laundry. Both products are suitable for automatic front and top loading machines.