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Why Persil Power Gel is suitable for all your laundry needs


Persil Power Gel packs a punch in every capful and removes even the most stubborn stains from all of your family’s laundry. From greasy food-stains to paint-covered school uniforms, on every type of fabric and every colour, it’s one detergent that can handle every single one of your stain-removal needs.

It’s tough on stains but gentle on colours and will leave a long-lasting freshness and fragrance without any residue on your clothes or in your washing machine.

Why it’s the best

Developed using the latest German technology, it’s a liquid detergent that offers perfect cleanliness and can completely replace your powder detergent.

One size fits all

It’s a universal laundry detergent that can be used for all types of laundry whether it’s for white or coloured garments, thobes or kids clothes.

One product is all you need to add to your wash

There’s no need to add a separate softener as Persil Power Gel will give that added softness to your laundry. It’s tough on stains without damaging fabrics or fading colours.

Clean and fresh

Persil Power Gel leaves your clothes beautifully clean and fresh, with a long-lasting fragrance plus, it won’t leave any residue in your washing machine or on your clothes.


Get more for your money

Persil Power Gel gives twice as many washes as the same quantity of powder detergent. For example, 3 litres of Persil Power Gel gives 30 washes, whereas 3kg of powder detergent gives only 15 washes.