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Interesting facts

Surfactants are the main components of most detergents and cleaning agents. They remove stains and dirt from clothes and ensure that the dirt is removed together with the washing water.

More on Persil surfactants

Two groups of surfactants are used in Persil brand products:

Anionic surfactants

Effective at oily soil cleaning and oil/clay soil contaminations

Nonionic surfactants

Excellent in removing thoughest grease

How do we use surfactants?

For radiant and lasting cleanliness: Persil uses surfactants to ensure the best wash results you expect from the detergent you trust. All our surfactants are fully biodegradable.
Surfactants can be petroleum-based or of natural origin (e.g. palm kernel oil). If palm kernel oil is used as a base, we ensure that this oil is sustainably grown according to the RSPO mass balance model by the end of 2020 as part of our commitment to a cleaner world.

Find the perfect match for your needs

  • Sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin

    Persil Sensitive Gel is developed for people with sensitive skin. Positioned as particularly skin-compatible detergents, the formulas contain specially developed allergy-compatible fragrances and contain no dyes.

  • Hygienically clean laundry

    Hygienic cleanliness

    For generations it has been our passion to innovate with excellence for your linen. Clean linen contributes to a healthy environment for you and your family. Persil products with Deep Clean Technology guarantee you the hygienically clean laundry you want.