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DIY organizer: For jewelry, makeup, pens and more

Keeping small items like makeup and jewelry organized can be challenging. Instead of buying a plastic organizational system, simply make your own DIY organizer! Learn how to craft this practical item using an empty Persil Powder paper box. It’s easier than you think to get organized!

Materials for making a DIY organizer for makeup and jewelry


Creating a practical storage system is simple with the right tools. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 x empty Persil Powder box
  • Paint (opaque, color of choice)
  • Brush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or hot glue gun
  • 2 x piece of fabric 33 x 24,5 cm
  • 2 x medium thick cardboard 33 x 24,5 cm
  • 1 x piece of fabric 12,5 x 38,5 cm
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon

We all have that old t-shirt we don’t wear anymore, but can’t throw away for sentimental reasons. To add a personal touch to this craft, upcycle this beloved piece of fabric, by using it to make the drawers and outer cover.

How to make a DIY makeup and jewelry storage system

Here’s how to build your new DIY organizer:

1. Paint your empty Persil Powder box in a color of your choice. Take the previously prepared cardboard pieces and paint one side of each. Let both the paints dry completely.

2. Carefully cut off the lid of the box and set it aside.

3. Create the drawers with the cardboard pieces following the steps below:

a. Take the painted side and draw very lightly a line down the long side of the cardboard (33 cm length) using pencil and ruler. The line should be exactly 4 cm away from the edge. Repeat on the opposite side.

b. Draw two parallel lines also on the shorter side of the cardboard. The first line should be 4 cm away from the edge of the cardboard, the distance between the first and the second line should be 4 cm as well. Repeat the same procedure also on the opposite shorter side of the painted sourface.

Tip: The graphic shows you a template.

Vorlage Faltlinien

c. Take one of the fabric pieces (33 x 24,5 cm). Apply glue to the unpainded edges of the cardboard and glue the fabric on top so that it covers the unpainted side of the cardboard.

d. Cut the cardboard four times, starting from the smaller sides of the cardboard. Each cut should be 4 cm away from the edge and 8 cm deep. Tip: The cuts follow the lines you have drawn, stopping on the second horizontal line on the smaller sides.

Schubladen zuschneiden

e. With the fabric facing upwards, fold the two long sides of the cardboard in towards the middle of the cardboard according to the cuts you made (4 cm deep). Fold in the two shorter sides at the second horizontal line (8 cm deep).

Karton falten

f. Fold the ends of the cardboard sides in, securing them to the front of the drawer with double sided tape.

Ecken bekleben

g. Add another piece of double-sided tape to the top flap, fold the flap over, and firmly press down creating the outer part of the drawer. Repeat the process on the other ends of cardboard until you have a fully formed drawer.

h. Cut a piece of ribbon and apply the double sided tape to both ends of the ribbon (on the same side). Secure one end of the ribbon on the inside of the drawer. Form a loop and attach the other end next to it on the interior of the drawer to form a handle.

Griff herstellen

i. Cut another piece of ribbon with the same length as the front side of the drawer (17 cm). Cover one side of the ribbon with glue. Fold down the ribbon handle and place the ribbon lining on the drawer edge, on top of the handle. Press firmly and work your way out, pushing the ribbon lining down, forming a lovely border on the front of the drawer.


Repeat all the steps above once again to form the second drawer. Once both are completed, set the drawers aside and concentrate on the previously painted Persil Powder box.

4. Take the painted laundry detergent box and lay it down flat. The detergent box has a little edge towards the opening of the box on one side (where the lid was attached to the box). This edge on the upper quarter of the box marks the boundary line for the following steps.

5. With the boundary line facing upwards: Apply glue to the surface of the box, stopping at the boundary line. Attach the 12,5 x 38,5 cm piece of fabric to cover the entire box, including its sides.

6. Cut a piece of ribbon to cover the border line (approximately 38,5 cm). Apply glue to one side of the ribbon and cover the border line for a beautiful finish.


7. After all glue has dried, assemble the drawers into the box.

Fertiges Projekt

Well done, you’re finished! You can now fill your new box with jewelry, cosmetics, art supplies or even keepsakes like pictures or cards.

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