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DIY shower caddy: Keep soaps organized with this easy upcycling-project

For a practical way to upcycle empty Persil Discs boxes, create a DIY shower caddy! Follow this guide on how to make a simple and practical holder for your shower products.
You don’t need a new shower caddy? You will find tips on other creative ways to use this fun DIY hanging storage unit.

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Tools for making a DIY hanging shower caddy


What you need:

Here’s what you need to make a DIY shower caddy.

  • 2 or more empty Persil Discs boxes
  • Waterproof metal chain (stainless steel) to use as a hanger. Recommended length of 250 cm. Tip: You can use a clothes line as well, as long as it’s water resistant
  • Paint of choice (waterproof and compatible with plastic)
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Optional: other waterproof colours or decorations like puffy paint, craft gems or stickers to personalize your caddy even more

Instructions for crafting your DIY bathroom caddy

Once you have all the needed materials on hand, the fun can begin! Here’s how to construct your DIY bathroom caddy.

1. Make sure to remove the outer carton of your empty Persil Discs boxes and correctly dispose it in the paper bin. Paint and decorate the empty Persil Discs boxes to your preference. If two coats of paint are necessary, be sure to wait for the first coat to fully dry before applying the second. 

2. Remove the lid from the boxes, using scissors if necessary.Cut one of the lids in half, and then cut out the inner flip-top lid. Take the flip-top part of the lid, paint it with white color and, once it is dry, cut out four identical strips. These strips will later be used as stoppers.

Note: The strips need to be thin enough to fit between a single link in the metal chain. The length of each strip needs to be around 2-3 cm.

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3. Moving back to the box, you will find several pre-cut holes lining the open rim of the box. Use the utility knife to cut out the holes on the back side of the boxes that lie nearest to the outer edges. This is where you will thread the chain, therefore make sure the holes are big enough for your chain to fit.


4. Turn the boxes upside down, and cut between one and four water drainage holes for water to escape.

5. Starting with the first box, feed the metal chain through the hole on the right side of the box.

6. Take one of the stoppers you created with the piece of the lid and thread it thought the last link of the metal chain. Fasten the stopper in the rim of the lid, so it will prevent the chain from slipping through the cut hole.

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7. Moving to the second box, thread the chain through on the right side of the box. Make sure you’re threading the chain through on the same side as the first box. Leave around 20 to 30 cm of chain length between the two boxes. Insert the stopper into the appropriate chain link to secure the box in place. You should then have both boxes linked on the right side by the chain.

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8. Take the long free end of the chain, and feed it down through the cut holes on the left side of the boxes. Insert the stopper on the highest box first, making sure it’s even with the stopper on the right side of the box. Feed the chain through the left hole on the bottom box, and secure the stopper in the last link on the chain.

9. You’re almost done! Hold the chain up at the top and make sure it is even and well balanced. Adjust the stoppers on the top box if necessary. It is now ready!! You’ve just created a DIY bathroom caddy!

Add any final decorative touches if you want to further personalize it. Paint it as colourful as you like or just fill the caddy with your shower items and attach it to your bathroom wall using the metal chain as a hanger.

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Not in need of a new shower caddy? No problem! Here are some other creative ways to use your new hanging caddy.

Gardening: for storing tools, seeds or even as hanging plant potters.

Crafting: Storage for paint brushes, scissors, rulers and other crafting materials.

Wardrobe: Easy storage for hats and gloves.

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