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DIY mini tote bag: Resilient and cute storage ideas for your supplies

Need something to hold your crafting supplies? Craft a fun DIY tote bag that will turn heads! The best part is: It’s sustainable. Follow a few steps and learn how to easily upcycle a Persil Discs box and make it special.

Materials needed for designing your DIY tote bag


This DIY tote bag is so simple to make, you probably already have the necessary tools on hand. Bust open your craft supplies and gather the following materials to get started:

  • 1 x empty Persil Discs box
  • 1 x eco friendly cloth bag with handles
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Several pieces of ribbon, lace, twine or cord – whatever you already have on hand works
  • Double sided tape

DIY tote bag: Step-by-step instructions

This DIY tote bag design can be customized to fit any style, so feel free to personalize the decorations to fit your taste. Here’s how to make it…

1. Make sure to remove the outer carton of your empty Persil Discs box and correctly dispose it in the paper bin. If wanted, paint the plastic box with a color of choice using paint and brush. Allow the paint to fully dry before proceeding with the next step. Once ready, cut off the lid of the box with the scissors. Use the utility knife to carefully pierce a hole on the lower left or right sided edge of the box. Take the twine or ribbon, and thread the end through the hole. Tie a knot on the inside to secure it inside the box.

Garn einfädeln

2. Apply two strands of double-sided tape to the front and back side of the box in a vertical position to hold the decorative ribbons (or other accents) in place. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the box. Press firmly to secure the ribbon on the tape.

3. Continue decorating the box with materials of choice. Secure the ends of the ribbon by tucking it under the part you already created and pressing it on the double-sided tape. Continue in this fashion, working your way up the box. Stop the decoration roughly 4 cm away from the upper rim of the box.

Deko anbringen

4. Cut the handles of the cloth bag with scissors. Using the utility knife, carefully cut two small slits on each side of the box under the rim where you want to attach the handles. Thread the ends of the cloth handles through the slits and tie the ends in small knots to be able to use the handles. Try to avoid subjecting them to too heavy loads.

Griffschlaufen einfädeln

5. Place the cloth bag into the box to line it and turn the overhanging fabric down over the rim of the box. Cut away any excessive fabric so that the cloth bag hangs about 4 cm over the rim of the box. Cut away the fabric that lies directly over the handles in a rectangular shape, leaving the fabric that covers the rim intact.

Stoff zuschneiden

6. Lift the cloth handles up and smooth the cloth lining down around the outer side of the box. Tip: To help keeping the lining in place, put a piece of double-sided tape on the outside of the box and press down.

7. To cover the lining: Take another piece of ribbon and secure the beginning of it with double-sided tape. Wrap the ribbon around the box and over the cloth fabric until you reach the slightly protruding rim at the top of the box. Secure the ribbon by tucking it under the ribbon you already wrapped around the box.

Futter verstecken

You just created your own mini DIY tote bag! Congratulations on putting your empty Persil Discs box into a good use. You can now use it to store your scissors, pens, notebooks or other small materials.

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