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Upcycling plastic bottles: DIY vase ideas for sustainable decorations.

Laundry detergent bottle crafts are a fun way to upcycle your Persil Gel empty bottles. There’s no limit to the things you can do! Learn how simple upcycling plastic bottles is, with this guide on how to make a DIY vase and create your gorgeous and unique piece of forniture.

Tools for creating your own DIY vase


Upcycling your empty Persil plastic bottle into a flower vase is fun, simple and only requires a few common household tools. Here’s what you need to get started.


What you need

  • 1 x empty Persil Gel bottle
  • Paint (Multi-surface paint designed for plastic)
  • Brushes
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Air-drying modelling clay
  • Small piece of sponge
  • Small stones
  • Design stencils of choice

How to create a DYI flower vase: Step by step

After gathering your materials, you’re ready to start! Here is how to create your DIY Persil vase.

Before starting with your crafting make sure the bottles you will be using are empty and clean from any detergent residue. Tip: remove the spout from your Persil bottle, close it only with the cap and place the pack upside down to let the remaining drops of products to empty the bottle before cleaning it and using it for upcycling.

1. Carefully remove the front and back label of your empty Persil bottle. Tip: you can use warm water to help you removing the left over of glue and label and make your working base smooth.

2. Paint the bottle using a waterproof plastic compatible paint. Let the paint dry completely and apply a second coat if necessary.

3. Using ruler and pencil, mark a straight line where you want to cut the bottle top off. Draw the same line on the bottle handle, a few centimeters below the line on the bottle. (Be careful not to cut the handle too low or the water will spill out)

Flasche markieren

4. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut off the upper part of the bottle and the top part of the handle along the marked lines.

5. Form a roll out of the modelling clay, long enough to line the upper rim of the vase. Place the rolled-out clay around the upper edge of the bottle.

Modelliermasse formen

6. Pressing firmly, push the clay into the blunt cut line, moving around the perimeter of the rim. Let the modelling clay air dry until fully hardened (Tip: check package details for drying time). With a brush and a color of your choice, paint the rim you created.

If desired, repeat the process on the cut off handle, creating a similar rim and decorate it.

Modelliermasse an die selbstgemachte Vase andrücken

7. After the paint and the modeling clay are completely dry, it’s time to decorate! Lay the bottle on its side, secure stencil in place and hold firmly. Apply a bit of paint to the sponge and dab it on the stencil. Tip: If you don’t have stencils or sponges, you can also paint decorations free hand.

Repeat the previous steps with other stencil patterns to achieve the look you’re going for. Let the paint dry completely.

Farbe schablonieren

8. Fill the bottom of your vase with stones to stabilize it, leaving enough room for the flowers.

9. Put in just enough water to submerse the stem bottoms, and put in the flowers.

Tip: Give your DIY vase a unique look by placing flowers also into the former handle.

Dekorierte, selbstgemachte Vase

With a few simple tools, you’ve created a practical item that adds a lovely touch to your home or office. This DIY vase is affordable, practical and easy to make! It also makes a wonderful personalized gift when you’re bringing flowers to a loved one, therefore ... let your sustainable crafting talent blossom!

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