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Work clothes


How to treat work clothes

Sort the laundry carefully into light, bright and dark colors. Select a washing cycle for a hot or colored wash. Dose stain remover as necessary. Select a detergent for heavily soiled laundry. Select a prewash cycle for particularly heavily soiled laundry.

To best remove the dirt, do not fill the washing machine. Select the highest possible temperature for the textile (see care symbol). Non-delicate white or colorfast textiles can also be left in soak in a detergent solution overnight prior to machine washing.

Detergent options:

  • Persil Universal Powder
  • Persil Universal Tabs
  • Persil Universal Megaperls®
  • Persil Universal Megaperls® Lavender Fresh
  • Persil Color Megaperls®
  • Persil Color Powder

Wash temperature:
40º C to 95º C

Please note: Pay attention to the care instructions on your textiles.