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Removing Grass and Leaf Stains: Step by Step

Get grass stains out of pants, jeans, thobes, shirts and more by following these steps:

  • Choose a Persil detergent that works well for your clothing type
  • Pre-treat the garment if necessary
  • Wash the fabric using the ‘heavily soiled’ dosage on your chosen detergent
  • Check for remaining stains

Choose the Detergent and Stain Remover

To get grass stains out of jeans, thobes, shirts and more, you need the right detergent and stain remover. First check the care label on your clothing and make sure it is washable. If it is, use Persil Universal Gel as a suitable detergent for white or coloured fabrics.

Pre-treat and Wash

Check the color fastness of the fabric by applying the stain remover in an inconspicuous place. Then apply a small amount of Persil Universal Gel directly onto the grass stain and wait for a short time (up to 10 minutes).

After pre-treating the stain, wash as normal in the highest possible wash temperature according to the maintenance label.

Check the Stain

Before you toss your clothing into the dryer, always check that the stain is completely gone. If it is not, repeat these steps.


Getting Grass Stains Out of Special Laundry Types and Fabrics

The knees of your pants aren’t the only places where grass stains tend to show up. If you own Converse shoes or any other type of trainers, you are likely going to need to know how to get rid of grass stains from this type of clothing.

Apply a liberal amount of your chosen detergent directly to the stain, then use a clean and unused toothbrush to work the detergent in and loosen the dirt. Let this sit for up to 20 minutes, then wash with a normal load. If the stain doesn’t lift, repeat the process. Prerequisite for that procedure is that the item is washable and colorfast, please check care label first!

How to Remove From Different Fabrics

Certain fabrics are more delicate than others. Cotton, denim and polyester clothing are much more likely to survive multiple washes in the washing machine as you attempt to remove grass stains from football pants, shirts and more. If you’re trying to remove grass and leaf stains from silk, wool or satin, however, hand wash the fabrics after soaking them. 


Removing Grass Stains From Different Colored Fabrics

Using the right detergent is essential when removing grass stains. White and coloured fabrics benefit from Persil Universal Gel because they are specifically designed to not only fight stains, but to keep your clothes looking like new. 


Special Detergent for Removing Grass Stains

Avoid using natural or homemade remedies and detergents when cleaning grass stains off your clothing. While rubbing alcohol, vinegar and bleach may help get rid of the stains, they can also harm the fabric your clothes are made of or damage your washing machine. Instead, use Persil detergent which is made to be used on clothing safely.

Get rid of those grass stains quickly and easily with the right stain remover and these tips.

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