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Persil Sensitive Gel

Tough on Stains, Soft on Skin

Product Details

Persil Sensitive Gel is dermatologically tested, designed to be tough on stains but soft on skin. It is the ideal detergent for babies and toddlers as well as for those with skin prone to allergies.

Persil Sensitive:

  • Is suitable for white and coloured fabrics
  • Prevents greying for brighter looking clothes
  • Does not leave behind any residues
  • Is extremely gentle on skin
  • Has a mild fragrance that will not irritate the skin
  • Provides the full Persil washing power of the Universal Gel range


Tough Stain Removal

Persil penetrates deep into the fiber to powerfully remove even the most stubborn stains without pretreatment or soaking.


Leaves No Residues

Due to the liquid format, Persil Sensitive dissolves quickly and leaves no residues, unlike powder detergents which could cause allergies or irritation. 


Mild Fragrance

Persil Sensitive gives your laundry a mild fragrance that will not irritate the skin or allergies.


Dermatologically Tested and Soft on Skin

To ensure that our formula is soft on skin and suitable for babies, sensitive skin and those prone to allergies

anti greying

Boosted Anti Greying

Persil prevents greying on your fabrics wash after wash for brighter looking clothes. 



For normally stained laundry



For heavily stained laundry


Would you like more tips? Follow this link to our Persil stain helper!

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