Persil High Foam Gel

Persil Gel for Top-Loading Washing Machines: Dense Foam, Perfect Cleanliness

Product Details

The NEW Persil Gel for top-loading washing machines is designed to provide dense foam and perfect cleanliness!

Persil Gel for top-loading washing machines is a complete replacement for any powder detergent. With the latest Deep Clean German technology, Persil Gel ensures:

  • Perfect cleanliness and stain removal
  • No residues in your washing machine or on your clothes
  • Fresh and long-lasting fragrance
  • Tough stain removal without damaging the fabric


Powerful Stain Removal

Persil penetrates deep into the fiber to powerfully remove even the most stubborn stains without pretreatment or soaking.


Long-lasting and Pleasant Freshness

Persil provides a pleasant, long-lasting freshness for your clothes.


Twice the Yielding vs Powders

Liquid detergents provide twice the wash loads versus powder detergents. 3L Persil Gel is equal to 6KG of powders.


Optimum Fibre Protection

For long-preservation of your fabrics, liquid detergents do not harm the fabrics and do not leave behind any residues.


100 ml

For normally stained laundry


150 ml

For heavily stained laundry


Would you like more tips? Follow this link to our Persil stain helper!

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